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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO aka Search Engine Optimisation

From the moment your website goes live onto the web it is accessible to the global online community via the domain name you have chosen. Users type your domain name into the address bar on their browser and they will then see your site.

The problem is that nobody will know what your site is called unless either you or your marketing department advertise your domain name to your potential customers. To help with this problem of 'visibility' most internet users will use a search engine (google, yahoo, altavista, etc) when they are looking for a new product or service. So ideally you want the search engine to direct customers to your pages when they search for relevant keywords. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN AUTOMATICALLY.

We can handle your Search Engine Optimisation - ask us about this when you sign up!

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At GroovyNet we constantly keep an eye on emerging technologies, from the latest in database and client/server programming through web security and XHTML/CSS. We recognise that 'open source' software is often the best choice for distributed systems like web applications (so called web 2.0 aka AJAX.) We have a wealth of experience developing such products for our customers and strong ties with the internet development community specialising in supporting these systems.


We can implement small scale shops that sell a handful of products through PAYPAL type systems (others payment handlers are available - often with better rates.) Or for the larger enterprise full blown database driven stores with online or offline product maintenance, integrated supplier stock updates, using a merchant level payment gateway. In other words your website becomes an integral part of your business system. With over 15 years experience in software engineering you can trust GroovyNet to supply the solution of choice for your business initiative.

Content Management System

More and more web site owners are recognising the benefits of being able to control web content for themselves. In house control means faster, more economical changes to pricing, details, photographs, news, or any other content you happen to have on your site. Our CMS can marshal entire pages or just plug into a small section of an existing page to deliver the 'hands on' experience you need for your live content.

Hosting, Email and Domains

We can provide full hosting solutions that match the particular needs of your system, from budget low bandwidth systems to high bandwidth global web applications. We can administer your domain names, arranging for registrations or transfers to our servers. Our hosting solutions all come inclusive of fully featured email packages with choice of webmail or local client access.