Principles of design

We believe that web design differs from other more static media. It follows the same principles of Balance and Proportion, etc., but it presents unique challenges to the designer. A web site is dynamic and must be viewable on a wide variety of devices with different screen resolutions and ratios.

Where do you start?

You may have a good idea of how you want your site to look. You may already have a company image and logos. We can translate these into a web site, no problem. If you're starting from scratch we can make suggestions as well as ask questions to help us understand and define the look and feel you need. From a simple, effective and uncluttered site that gets the message across fast, to complex visually stunning sites that really please the eye, GroovyNET delivers!

Let's play a game...

Think of a word or phrase that sums up your site. For instance when thinking about colour schemes, the word “FUN” might inspire yellows or reds. “FUNKY” might be purple or even lime green. Of course this is all highly subjective, but who could argue with the colour blue identifying with “BUSINESS”? Take a look at the sections below for more ideas.


Explore the effects of colour on your website


See how a good layout can engage your potential customers.


So, you've got something to say. But how to get your customers listening to your dialogue?


The graphics and images on your site can really add pizazz to a good layout.